The 4 essential WordPress plugins every site needs

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Do you have a lot of plugins on your WordPress website? Did you know site speed can severely impact SEO? Time to take a look at that plugin page!

When site owners set up their own sites on WordPress, the vast plugin library can look like a candy store. There’s something for everything! But the more plugins on your site, the more scripts and actions that happens behind the scenes, and all that adds up to more load time. And a slow site!

Check out my video tutorial below, “4 Essential Plugins Every WordPress Site Needs” It’s hosted on YouTube along with all my video tutorials. Make sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel and share what’s helpful with your friends. Every click counts!

Got a plugin problem on your WordPress site?

If you have a WordPress website that isn’t loading as fast as it should be, or you think you have a problem with your plugins, let’s chat. I can help you review the plugins in use on your site and identify the ones that are essential and the plugins that can be deleted and ditched. It gives your site that fresh and lightweight feeling you have after a big haircut – you’ll love the result and your leads will, too!

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