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Are you styling text in Divi the right way?

The Divi theme is popular for WordPress because of the shared styles and pre-built layouts available. The more you get to know Divi and style presets, the faster you can setup a WordPress website with custom styling. 

A lot of WordPress users will try to use the WYSIWYG tools when working in text widgets to make text bigger, smaller, bolder, brighter. Or they’ll style text in Microsoft Word or Google Docs and then paste it into the Visual tab in WordPress. This is a foolhardy way to work and often results in an SOS email to the developer. 

The good news is, these Divi styling snafus can be avoided! Here’s how to avoid the <span> class override and importing stealth styles from Word when using the Divi theme.

Check out my video tutorial below, “How to Style your Text in Divi – The Right Way.” It’s hosted on YouTube along with all my video tutorials. Make sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel and share what’s helpful with your friends. Every click counts!

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