How to Communicate Changed Services

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Is your business closed and on quarantine due to COVID-19? As small business owners, we’ve all had to make rapid changes to how we serve our clients and customers. Many of us are taking it online, offering virtual services, to keep our tribes engaged, active, and supported in this uncertain time. But for that to work, we need to communicate the changes with our clients as clearly as possible.

People are getting info from every direction and they don’t know where to turn.

  1. Keep it simple – state how your services have changed and how they can still benefit from your business.
  2. Invite them to get started right away with clear buttons and a simple, short sign-up form.
  3. Soothe your audience’s fears, let them know that you’re okay and that they will be, too.

This isn’t about fear-mongering or taking advantage of a crisis. This is about coming together and helping each other find a path out of our current global crisis.

Here’s what effective communication of changed services in a time of crisis looks like:
how to communicate changed services


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