Announcing the Women’s Site Support Community

women's site support community

Women’s Site Support Community

Your new home for all things tech and website-related, this community was built to support your site.

The Women’s Site Support Community is my baby & brainchild.

I’ve been thinking about how to help WordPress site owners do more themselves for a LONG time, and this idea has finally come to fruition: Why not bring everyone together, offer to answer their questions, show them all the new stuff, and let them help each other too in the process?

Launching Sept. 15, the Women’s Site Support Community will strive to do just that. This members-only, limited small group community will focus on one thing: WordPress websites and how to use them to market yourself online.

With various tiers and membership levels, there’s something for every site owner who needs WordPress help. Browse through the slides in my presentation below to learn more and be sure to snag a seat when enrollment opens – this offer won’t last!

Watch my Demo + Q&A Slides

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