Wix vs. WordPress – We break it down

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Wix vs WordPress? We break it down


Which is better – Wix or WordPress? Which CMS is easiest to set up? Which has the best templates and themes for a professional look and feel? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t simple. Comparing Wix and WordPress for your small business website can make your head spin!


WordPress as a CMS vs. all the rest


In web speak and tech acronyms, CMS stands for Content Management System, or the tool that turns the back-end of our websites into a friendlier interface for adding posts, images, products, etc. Before we had these tools to make web interfaces look like Word, your website would consist of a set of hard-coded files on a server somewhere. WPCompendium.org sums it up well in this quick history lesson, but essentially, the creation of the CMS made it a whole lot easier to keep sites fresh and alive by making them easy to edit without code.

What is a CMS? Image from WPCompendium.org

So you need a CMS – Now which one?

The best CMS for you depends on what you want to do with your new website. Wix and Squarespace are super simple to set up and require zero code or tech experience. If you can shop online and use Amazon Prime, you can use these tools.

Wix is perfect for beginners, but limiting when you want to grow

Wix works out-of-the-box to give you a snazzy design and a slick site. Wix is an all-in-one website builder that charges by the month and is ideal for beginners and those with zero code experience. Got an idea and want to gauge interest online? Use Wix. Got products to sell and data to collect and sort from your customers? Then you might hit a wall.

Where do you fall on the Wix vs WordPress chart below?

Got products to sell online?

If your store is at all complex, we recommend WordPress. Wix has eCommerce tools that work well for most, but if anything needs to be customized, your hands might be tied. With WordPress + WooCommerce, you can run your store like the slickest spots at the mall, and all with the security, speed, and peace of mind of self-hosting.

Need a simple landing page, and fast?

Then you might be better off with Wix. It’s true that WordPress has a learning curve, and depending on your starting point, it might be steep. We offer WordPress training and one-on-one support via Office Hours, but if you’re in a hurry and you really want to DIY your website, head to Wix and set something up. Wix is ideal for a quick one-pager that tells people who you are and what you offer. You can always expand upon it later!

Got a specific design in mind?

WordPress can be built-for-you, Wix is already built. So if you have a custom website design that you’ve created, commissioned or purchased, you will need to set it up in WordPress. But good news! This no longer means you need a custom theme. Theme frameworks like Divi and site builder tools are making it easier to have custom designs in WordPress. 

Tight on budget - and time?

If you’re lacking tech skills but want to set up your own site, Wix might be the perfect solution. A lot goes in to setting up a WordPress site right, and once launched, the site will only be successful if it’s given regular care and attention. WordPress is a commitment, but one that pays off. Contact me to learn more >

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