Styling Your Site with Divi

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Now it’s time to make your site look like YOU and YOUR BRAND! That’s where themes come into play. And today, we’re working with the Divi Theme by

Divi Layouts: Ready-made page designs at your fingertips, built-into the WordPress dashboard

The beauty of the Divi theme is that there are dozens of pre-built layout templates ready and waiting for you to use as a starting point for your new site design.

The Divi Layout Pack you select will be the foundation for your new site’s design. You’ll swap out all the images and text, and alter fonts and colors too, to make your site your own.

But in general, you’ll be building from the shape of things you see in the Layout Pack you select. So think about what you envision for your new site, and try to find something with a similar shape to start from within the Divi Layouts Library.

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