How to Set Pretty Permalinks in WordPress

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Want “pretty permalinks” on your WordPress site? Here’s how:

“Pretty permalinks” are links that look nice in the browser and make sense. They’re “pretty” because users can read them and make sense. If you’re setting up your WordPress site for the first time, one of the chief things to take care of before launch is your permalinks.

It’s a little known fact, but a brand new WordPress site, when left alone, will spit out some nasty URLs, like That kind of permalink just isn’t pretty. Wouldn’t you rather see You betcha!

Here’s how to make sure your site uses pretty permalinks:

Go to Settings > Permalinks and customize the following:

  • Choose the “post name” option
  • This will ensure that your pages and posts have URLs that make sense

Hit save and viola! You now and pretty permalinks. If you go look at a post on your site, you should now see the post name In the URL instead of Its numerical ID.

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