Do your customers know how to do business with you?

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How to do business with you

Do your customers know how to do business with you?

Sometimes they need a little reminder!

The best way to get more sales through your website is to take a minute and teach your customers how to do business with you. It’s clear to you where to order and how to register for your programs, but that’s because YOU set it up, right? If you’re confident a lot of people are seeing your offers and know you exist, but you’re not seeing a lot of sales, try teaching your customers clearly how to do business with you.

As Brene says, “Clear is Kind”

Brene Brown, one of my favorite motivational speakers and author of self-help books for female business owners like the fabulous Dare to Lead, has a quote that says it all: “Clear is kind.” In other words, our audience appreciates when we make it easy for them to take the next step.

I received the email above today from my local ice cream shop, Milk Sugar Love, and I had to share it with you all as an example of exactly what Brene is talking about, and what I’m urging you to do with your online sales and sign up forms. Be crystal-clear and lead your horse directly to the water.

Teach your audience how to do business with you

If you read the text of the ice cream cake email in the screenshot above, you will not have any uncertainty about how to order such deliciousness. You will be crystal-clear on how to get that cake in front of you at your next Zoom cocktail hour, making all your friends swoon. This is what I want you to do when you communicate the next step for your own audience.

Hot online business marketing tips!

In all your sales copy, and on your landing pages and offer pages, make sure you include step-by-step instructions on how to sign up for your program or purchase your service help. Try adding a separate “How to Order” page to your site and lay it out as clearly as you can. Explainer videos like this one help but aren’t necessary – a simple text list that is easy to read and understand helps too. Bonus points for screenshots of the process!

Once you have the process hammered out on your site, send it out to your current clients and prospects, like Milk Sugar Love did, above. Give them a gentle nudge (and maybe a coupon) and make sure they know exactly how to take you up on whatever you are offering at this time.

Trust me, they’ll thank you for it.


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