How to add a news brief widget in WordPress

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Need to post notices and news on your homepage to make certain items readily accessible? A text widget in your sidebar is a perfect way to add News Briefs to your homepage. Adding links to the news briefs also lets your readers click to read more.

This video explains how to add and edit a text widget on your WordPress site for the purpose of displaying News Briefs.

Remember that your News Brief widget in WordPress can be placed in any widget area that your theme includes. Maybe you have one News Brief widget in the sidebar of your site, and you place another in the WordPress footer.

If your site has multiple sidebars, you may need to copy the widget into the other sidebar areas. For example, there may be one sidebar for the blog and another sidebar for the homepage – if you want the News Brief widget to display in both places, an instance of the widget needs to appear in each place.

For more about WordPress widget areas and sidebars that work with your Divi theme, check out this article: A Guide to Using Sidebars in the Divi Theme

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