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Can we talk about Zoom for a sec? Anyone else got Zoom overwhelm? I know I do!

Right now there’s a whole lot of uncertainty among independent business owners, especially those of us who are used to providing services off-line and meeting with people in-person. 

Maybe right now…

  • You’re feeling a little overwhelmed with the sudden shift to everything online.
  • You’re not sure what you could be doing virtually.
  • You’re not sure if your tech is up to spec or how to use the software.
  • You’re not sure if what you offer will still work in today’s uncertain times.
  • You’re hearing whispers they might not buy from you at this time or in this way.

Or maybe you’ve been feeling…

  • I know I have something to offer.
  • I know my ideal clients could REALLY still want to work with me.

But the BIG burning questions is…

“I don’t know HOW!”

If any of these barriers keep popping up in your way to rocking your biz in the new normal, come join me for a free training I’m hosting called, “Go Virtual!”

Learn how to take your services online and stay present in the virtual world. I’ll take you through a simple process teaching how to use video conferencing software to take your services online and stay connected to your audience without face-to-face contact. 

Join me – at 11am EST Monday, March 30th.

Looking for One-on-One Support?

I offer live training and web support via Zoom. Trainings are currently available for Zoom, Google, WordPress, Squarespace, Canva, MailChimp, ConvertKit and more.
View my rates and book a live training on my calendar by clicking the button below. 

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