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How Our Community Works & Functions

The Women's Site Support Community is NOT a done-for-you web service. We do not fix websites. This is very important.

What we do - and what sets us apart in web support providers - is we help YOU help yourself. We know you want to make more money with your website, and do it all with less effort. We can't do that for you, but we can show you how.

When you join the Women's Site Support Community, you join a club of like-minded female business owners who share one common goal: A desire to make money online. Led by Kate Gilbert, a web developer who has spent her whole career trying to make money online, this community guides you and supports you in effectively marketing your skills and expertise online to the RIGHT audience.

What is the Women's Site Support Community?

The Women's Site Support Community is a private, members-only support group for WordPress website owners who want to more effectively connect with customers online. Founded by web developer Kate Gilbert, the Women's Site Support Community is an extension of WPMaster.me, a WordPress-focused custom development and web strategy consult business.

Why do I need to log in to proceed?

The Women's Site Support Community is a paid resource. View our membership plans here. Behind this paywall, members have access to exclusive help documents and how to guides that support website expansion and optimization. Kate Gilbert has been working in the web since 2006, and she's picked up a lot of tricks along the way. The membership fees of the community support the continuous development of resources, always up to date with the latest web trends and technologies for making money online.

If I buy a membership, will I get a website?

Membership in the Women's Site Support Community does not afford the buyer any done-for-you web services, including the setup, hosting, or configuration of a website. You must have a WordPress website to fully participate in this support community. If you don't yet have a WordPress website, check out the services we offer at WPMaster.me >

Got a question not answered here?

Send Kate an email at kate@wpmaster.me for a personal response.

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